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Published on: 2023-11-15
Learn to understand the position of people in your seasons.Some people are not meant for the summers and springs of your life because they weren't there through the winter. ... Read more
Published on: 2023-11-09
Published on: 2023-11-08
Dear beloved, we've come to that point where we are at the tip of the Coca-Cola bottle. Bonjour mes amis! It seems like déjà-vu writing about friendships yet again. However, some relationships need repeating because we keep making the same mistakes. Remember my previous blog “Fair Weather Friends”? Well chérie,... Read more
Published on: 2023-11-08
The anticipation is palpable as Jameson Connects Zimbabwe is just around the corner. Slated for this Saturday, November 4, this celebration of music, culture, and connections is about to make its mark at Jam Tree Restaurant in Harare.   In a thrilling announcement, Jameson Connects Zimbabwe proudly revealed the addition... Read more
Published on: 2023-11-02
Source: Zimbuzz
Your love life is determined by choices -your choices.To a larger degree, we need to stop putting our fate into the hands of tarot cards, horoscopes, and even prophecies.... Read more
Published on: 2023-10-25
Zimbabwean music enthusiasts are eagerly counting down the days to the release of Clare Nyakujara’s highly anticipated new song, ‘Harare,’ scheduled to hit the airwaves on October 6th, 2023.   The excitement surrounding this project is palpable, fueled by the artist’s notable hiatus from releasing new music. Known for her... Read more
Published on: 2023-09-25
Source: Zimbuzz
Published on: 2023-09-13
Thou shall move onto the next! And then 'If You Leave' by Destiny's Child and Next starts to play. Gosh, 'The Writings on the Wall' remains my favourite Destiny's Child album. The concept of the commandments of relationships. Brilliant!  Bonjour, mes amies! Comment ça va? Ça va bien! (Caribbean accent)... Read more
Published on: 2023-09-04
Getting to know someone is an intentional action that requires up-close and personal interaction! Interact tete-a-tete!Bonjour mes amies! Comment allez-vous? Je suis comme çi, comme ça! So, I've been getting my domestication on. Cooking. Cleaning. Laundry. Sewing on buttons and seams. God, I love the scent of bleached floor tiles,... Read more
Published on: 2023-08-23
Mr. Right isn't perfect, but he makes the relationship worth it.Bonjour mes amies! Comment allez-vous? What's the French phrase for, "I'm decent?" You will let me know as we progress. How have been your dates? I now need deposits into my PayPal account because your girl is pre-rich...and hungry! Laughs... Read more
Published on: 2023-08-17
Be the person whom you want to spend the rest of your life with.Porque eres el único cuerpo con el que estás atrapado para siempre! With that said, it's good to have our feet back on solid ground. I can't wait for the next trip! Now ladies, we are dressing... Read more
Published on: 2023-08-17
Por qué me siento así, mi amor?Lo podemos culpar a Cupido!  Bring on the tissues, and a tub of ice cream, and Amarula cream. Cupid really picked on me and not at the best time. And then 'Stupid Cupid' starts playing.Bonjour single ladies! Forgive me for the dramatic entrance, but... Read more
Published on: 2023-08-02
The Chibuku Traditional Dance Festival, a celebration of Zimbabwe’s vibrant cultural heritage, culminated in a spectacular showcase of traditional dances, music, and rhythmic movements at the national finals held in Harare Gardens on Saturday.   The event brought together some of the most talented and passionate dance groups from various... Read more
Published on: 2023-07-30
Source: Zimbuzz
SA based Zimbabwean AfroPop artist, Ian Baoba has joined forces with talented producer Sean Brian to create a captivating Afropop masterpiece titled “Pano.” Under the banner of JBross Entertainment, this heartfelt musical offering showcases the powerful blend of traditional Zimbabwean sounds with modern Afropop elements. With its infectious beats, soulful... Read more
Published on: 2023-07-26
Source: Zimbuzz