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Andrew’s death eleven months ago took everyone by surprise. At 30, he had always been a healthy eater, consistent fitness enthusiast and had established a solid career in software engineering. As a father of two, his love for his family had always been expressed loudly. They were on course to... Read more
Published on: 2023-03-26
Source: Radites
Hello, my lovelies. If you did miss out on the first part of the series you can read it here https://tcndangana.wordpress.com/2023/03/17/the-three-generations-series-mama-i-am-now-a-big-girl/ I remember praying for a little sister. It was on those days Wrestling was everything we watched on television. Those brothers of mine would WWE me every single day... Read more
Published on: 2023-03-20
Source: The Baobab
My mum is the first person that comes to mind. That woman! How she gracefully carried herself in probably those 5cm heels, how she taught me how to sing most hyms from our church hymn book, the smell of Ingrams Camphor cream after she had taken her shower, her warm... Read more
Published on: 2023-03-17
Source: The Baobab
Hey my lovelies, hope you are well and happy. If you haven’t figured it out yet, I am on a break but I decided to post a series as a way of keeping you entertained. That way you don’t miss me. The guest chose to be anonymous because they allowed... Read more
Published on: 2023-03-15
Source: The Baobab
The year is 2000AD, you are about to turn 17 and this year will be a telling year for you in many respects. It may to a certain extent shape the man you will grow up to become. You have grown up in a home showered with love by a... Read more
Published on: 2023-03-09
Source: The Baobab
Dear Future Self, I want you to take a break from whatever you are doing, step outside and take a deep breath, gaze upon the leaves on the ground, close your eyes, and say a little prayer. If my future went as planned, from the day that I wrote this letter,... Read more
Published on: 2023-03-08
Source: The Baobab
To the little girl in the green uniform ..Here we are, 20-something years later. Everything has changed and yet it’s all just the same as it was. If I’m being honest we’ve come a long way, we’ve won some and well we’ve learnt a lot.Where to start…? The lessons! Do... Read more
Published on: 2023-03-07
Source: The Baobab
Denzel’s February Stock Take Hello everyone. My name is Denzel and I would like to thank Taku for inviting me into her blogging world. This is my first time doing a stock take so go easy on me.When we first discussed this project with Taku it was sometime in January.... Read more
Published on: 2023-03-03
Source: The Baobab
My child You should have been turning three this month if that pregnancy test has turned out positive. To be honest a part of me is glad that the test came out negative that day. I do not know if I would have turned out a bitter or loving mother.... Read more
Published on: 2023-02-20
Source: The Baobab
Happy Friday, I hope that you are well and happy. I have good news to share. My blog has been nominated for the AfroBloggers awards under the Creative Writing category. You can vote for my blog once a day until the end of the month. Vote Here For the first... Read more
Published on: 2023-02-17
Source: The Baobab
Happy Valentine’s day my lovelies. Hope you got all the things that you wanted. If you didn’t don’t lose heart, the day is not over. Maybe this side only🥺 “Thinking of you keeps me awake. Dreaming of you keeps me asleep. Being with you keeps me alive”- Unknown Chenjerai, you... Read more
Published on: 2023-02-14
Source: The Baobab
When I got home my sister Rhulani hugged me and told me that I could take a bath and relax. All I was expecting was “but  Thabi we told you so or is it true that Themba broke up with you?”As I soaked my body in the hot bath, I... Read more
Published on: 2023-02-13
Source: The Baobab
I have watched you toss and turn on most nights.When I spread the bed the tear stains on the pillow are evident that you have been crying.You have screamed and cried in your sleep, on countless occasions.And it breaks my heart that when the sun sets, you become powerless.I do... Read more
Published on: 2023-02-06
Source: The Baobab
January has already come to an end and oh boy it’s already February! So does it mean it’s only two or I mean ten months until Christmas🤭🤣? My January wasn’t moving at a slow or fast pace. Guess it was just the normal pace. Sis went to the gym and... Read more
Published on: 2023-02-03
Source: The Baobab
Dear Abigal I was happy to see you and how I wish I could have stayed longer. Thank you for opening your home to my family when we came to Zimbabwean. Atete makura, if Mummy was still alive she would have been proud of you. Tinashe cannot stop talking about... Read more
Published on: 2023-01-30
Source: The Baobab