For Influencers

We are the first point of contact for influencers that would like to make a living out of their digital platforms. In addition, our members get first preference for opportunities and get access to exciting promotions and discounted services:

  • Platform monetisation (How to monetise)
  • Influence valuations (Where do you rank?)
  • Promotion of content (Expand your reach)
  • Networking events (Mix and Mingle with like minds)
  • Seminars and workshops (Learn how to improve your craft)
  • Influencer features (Gain more exposure, showcase your work)
  • Knowledge sharing (Learn from other influencers)
  • Blog consultations (Have your blog assessed)
  • Service providers (Get discounted packages from our service providers)
  • Blog school (New to blogging? We’ll teach you how)

For Brands

Do you want to cultivate a relationship between your brand and an engaged audience? Is your aim to generate consistent and quality content? Wish to finally improve the return on investment of your campaigns? Gain access to, connect and collaborate with the largest network of local influencers on your marketing and publicity campaigns. Because we are the best, get in touch with us for any of the services listed below:

  • Amplification of content (Boosting content already existing)
  • Content creation (Designing and creating content for your brand)
  • Events and activations (Event attendance and live digital coverage on social media)
  • Advertising inventory (Advertising on influencer sites)
  • Market research (Surveys and competitor analysis)
  • Customer service (Engaging influencers as customer service reps)
  • Sales (Affiliate and referral programmes)
  • Brand ambassador campaigns (Identifying suitable talent)


Due to increased competition on the market, it is most of all important for Brands to connect with Influencers.